Your pet can look fantastic with Pet-Tastic!

Why Choose Pet-Tastic?

Pet-Tastic Grooming provides kind, gentle and expert care for all breeds of dogs and cats. We offer a full range of pet service and products to meet your unique needs. Your pets simply relax and enjoy their pampering experience. Your pet will look fantastic with Pet-Tastic! Call 609-397-2500 today to set up your appointment!

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Popular Services

Have It All Grooming Bundle

A well-groomed dog is a well-loved dog. Regular grooming is vital for their health and comfort The “Have-it-all” package includes teeth cleaning, deluxe shampoo bath, blow dry and gentle nail grinding. Drop off your furry family member and take them home relaxed, clean and perfectly styled.

Ear and Eyes Care

Clean out those ears and eyes! Dogs and cats are prone to ear and eyed infections which can be very painful to both your pet and your pocketbook. Pet-Tastic’s ear and Eye care routine includes a thorough inspection and deep-cleaning in and around your pets sensitive areas.

Dog Brushing

A thorough and exhilarating brushing of your dog’s coat to remove dead hair, distribute natural oils from their skin and keep them irritant free. Brushing is also a great way to check your dog’s general health, keep their coat tangle free and leave them looking their best.

Cat Grooming

Do you have a short-haired cat that needs some TLC? An older cat not able to clean itself as well as it used to? Pet-Tastic offers full grooming services for all feline friends.

Our Guarantee

Your Dog Washed Clean, Flea Free & Smelling Great... Or Next Two Baths Half Price


  • Pet-Tastic Grooming helps Animal Alliance of New Jersey so much! The owner Tracy is a true professional and does a great job grooming even the tough cases that we often see, dogs that are heavily matted. She and a client started a special fund to provide grooming services to dogs awaiting adoption at Animal Alliance.

    • -Animal Alliance
  • Thank you so much for giving my babies baths, nail cuts and a beautiful trim on our Golden and Bulldog! Also, thank you for being understanding with my crazy worries over my bulldog! We will definitely be back and will highly recommend you to anyone we know!

    • -Tara Barlow
  • Thank so much for taking care of Rocky, and with such quick and affordable service. Our pup is happy and clean. We will absolutely be back!

    • -Jess Smith
  • I can tell my dog LOVES this place! Not because I'm crazy and think she actually talks to me, but because she doesn't do that whole, all four legs frantically scratching in the opposite direction thing on the way in. THANKS!!

    • -Adam T. Franco
  • I had our domestic shorthaired cat bathed and cut. He looks great (and adorable)! He is so much happier now. Pet-Tastic gave us friendly, helpful, and efficient service for our difficult client! Thanks so much!

    • -Karen
  • Whisky's first visit to a groomer ever. Tracy did a fantastic job. The big furry coat is gone and shiny new woo woo emerged. Should be tons more comfortable for her over the summer heat

    • -Vivien Bevich
  • Thank you for doing such a great job with our little wild child! She is soooo soft after her session!

    • -Brian Haskell
  • Tracy Dippery at Pet-Tastic Grooming is wonderful. She does beautiful work and expertly handled my prima donna Papillon who does not enjoy being groomed.

    • -Darlene Joy


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  • Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
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